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        H2 Production Feedstock hydrogenation Catalyst QJH-01
        QJH-01 is a hydrogenation catalyst for H2 production feedstock, which takes metal Co, Mo and Ni as active component, active aluminate added to TiO2 as support. Its performances stand at the international advanced level, and it is in the leading position in the domestic industry.
        ■ Excellent activities and stability, especially high activity at low temperature.
        ■ High mechanical strength and structure stability.
        ■ TiO2 was added to the support which reduced the light-off temperature
        Applications and operating conditions
        It is suitable for the process of olefin saturation of natural gas, coking dry gas, fcc dry gas and hydrogenation gas or the process of organic sulfur hydrogenation.
        ■ Temperature:            200~400℃
        ■ Pressure:               1.0~5.0MPa
        ■ velocity:               500~2000h-1
        ■ Content of olefin:       ≤7%
        ■ Content of organic sulfur: ≤ 300ppm
        Physic-chemical properties
        Color and shape units Grey-green, Spherical
        Active component
        Bulk density
        Crushing strength
        Package and transportation
        ■Packed with hard carton barrel lined with plastics bags, net weight:25 kg(or customized according to customer´s demand).
        ■Prevented from moisture, rolling, sharp shocking, raining during transportation.
        ■Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.


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